3 Best Bath Bombs with Rings by Scented Treasures

High Quality Ingredient Bath Bombs

If you've seen any of my past reviews you know I'm obsessed with ST bath bombs. The quality cannot be beat by any other ring bath bomb company and I compare their quality to Lush but I like the scents much better as I don't personally need the extremely natural smell of Lush. You'll feel the difference from Fragrant Jewels bath bombs, ST's are not as colorful but that's because they don't load their bath bombs with dyes like FJ. Key differences are ST doesn't use corn starch which is purely a filler so they have a lot more of the skin nourishing ingredients, and they use sodium coco sulfate instead of SLS which both are foaming agents but SLS can cause skin irritation if it penetrates the epidermis.

Sorry Not Sorry

This is the bath bomb I show in the video and let me tell you it lives up to the hype. If you've ever been into a Jo Malone shop (too expensive for me haha) this bath bomb smells like their mimosa & cardamom candle which is AMAZING. The bath water turns into a surprisingly beautiful maroon color & the rings are extremely unique with dark bands & pink gemstones which are fun to wear when you're going for an edgier look 😉

Queen Bee

This one is really fun, the bath bomb literally looks like a bumble bee it's super adorbs. The smell is completely different from Sorry not Sorry, very fresh sweet smelling honey but not overly sweet. I'm not a fan of yellow bath water but the black helps it some. The rings are very stylish, gold colored bands. They nailed it with the bohemian style description as that's exactly how I'd describe them and are great for everyday wear.

Midnight in Paris

Talk about a romantic smelling bath bomb. This is probably my fave bath bomb in water as it makes the bath a beautiful sparkling purple. What I'm loving about Scented Treasures is that each ring collection fits a completely different style. Not just different shapes but a whole different feel. These rings are vintage gorgeous and I wouldn't personally use as everyday wear but they go great with a specific type of feel I'm going for some days 🙌