I Am Fearless Ring Candle


A limited time candle created from the words of our customers. We sent out a message asking our community to come up with the most powerful words they could think of and what it means to be a woman. They wrote them and we created the art for the box, do you see your hand writing? We chose one for the candle and had it screen printed in Los Angeles on this gorgeous metallic gold jar. This is only for a limited time so get your while they are still available!

Scent: Rose Champagne

Top notes: Raspberry, Prosecco, Orange and Lemon

Middle notes: Rose Champagne, Violet Neroli, and Jasmine

Bottom notes: Musk, Geranium

  • Bath Bomb Benefits
  • Moisturizing Oils: Grapeseed (Rejuvenation), Olive (Smoother Skin), Shea Olein (Boosts Collagen), Sunflower Seed (Hydration), Sweet Almond (Moisture Retention), Witch Hazel (Boosts Elasticity)
  • Helps with pains, stress and anxiety 😌
  • Promotes happiness & relaxation 😊
  • Paraben & Phthalate Free 🙏
  • Formulated for Sensitive Skin
  • pH Balanced (for sensitive parts 😘)
  • High Quality Food Grade Dyes = No Stains Ever! 🛁
  • Handmade with ❤️ in Los Angeles

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