Jungle Bath Bomb Set

$30 $44.85
  • Scents: White Rose & Ivy, Copper Silk, Palm Leaf & Amber
  • (3) 8oz Bath Bombs + Box: Premium 5 Oil Blend
  • Rings: 3x Dipped 14K Gold Plated Brass, Top Grade Crystals
  • 15 Ring Collection: (3 Unique) $25 Value Rings in Each Box
Ring Size:
  • Paraben & Phthalate Free 🙏
  • Formulated for Sensitive Skin & pH Balanced (for sensitive parts 😘)
  • High Quality Food Grade Dyes = No Stains Ever! 🛁
  • Handmade with ❤️ in Los Angeles
  • Moisturizing Oils: Grapeseed (Rejuvenation), Olive (Smoother Skin), Shea Olein (Boosts Collagen), Sunflower Seed (Hydration), Sweet Almond (Moisture Retention), Witch Hazel (Boosts Elasticity)
  • Helps with pains, stress and anxiety 😌
  • Promotes happiness & relaxation 😊
  • Crafted by Professional Jewelers 💍
  • Modern Designs for Everyday Wear 💁
  • Advanced 14K Gold Plating Technique: 5x More Gold Than Jewelry Industry Standard
  • High Quality Crystals (AAAAA Grade) 💎
  • No Green Fingers (Yay!) 💕
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White Rose & Ivy

Top: fresh, watery, lemon leaf
Mid: red roses, lush greens, iris
Dry: musk, amber, violet

Copper Silk

Top: citrus, grapefruit
Mid: lavender, rose
Dry: sandalwood, musk

Palm Leaf & Amber

Top: mandarin, lemon
Mid: sea salt, geranium, fresh air
Dry: vanilla musk, amber, cedarwood

Scents developed by one of our luxury fragrance houses

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Zea May's Starch, Epsom Salt, Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS), Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olivatis 15 (Olive Oil), Shea Olein, Witch Hazel Extract, Glycerine, Polysorbate 80 (Cosmetic Grade Emulsifier), Colorants (High Quality Food Grade), Fragrance (Luxury Oils), Biodegradable Glitter, Mica

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