Dark Queen

Ring Details

Every bath bomb, bubble bomb & candle come with a beautiful surprise ring 💍 😍

Professional Jewelry Partnerships - Like other companies, we started off with a jewelry supplier. While it worked well enough for our 1st year, we wanted to have the best for our customers. We now continuously meet with professional jewelers that use a high quality plating technique of triple dipping the rings in 14K gold. The base metal for the rings are Brass unless the product itself states a Sterling Silver option. The gems in the rings are high grade crystals cut perfectly for pure beauty. What makes our rings truly beautiful is the craftsmanship of the professional jewelers using the same cutting & polishing skills they use on real diamond jewelery 😘

Classic Collections - Our classic collections share 40+ ring collection that is continuously updated. Currently our classics do have jewelry from our original supplier. These rings are still beautiful in the classic style, the only issue is that we found about a 3% quality deffect rate. If you ever have an issue with a ring, contact us and we'll replace immediately 🙌Classics include: Tropical Breeze, Crazy Love, Lavender Dream, Rose Petals, Vanilla Silk, Mint Eucalyptus, Jasmine Gardenia, Citrus Sunrise

Special Collections - Every product that isn't part of our classic collection has moved to one of our new jewelry partnerships & they have their own styled collection of the hottest trends in the jewelry industry. Scroll on the product images above to see rings available 👀

Rings Available to Win! - Every bath bomb & candle comes with a code for a chance to win an Approximate Retail Value (ARV) ring worth $100$1,000$5,000 or $10,000. Our full contest rules can be found here, but below outlines the odds of winning

$100 Rings - We're giving away over 300over the next year! Odds of winning are 1:334

$1,000 Rings - We're giving away 8 over the next year! Odds of winning are 1:12,500

$5,000 Rings - We're giving away 6 over the next year! Odds of winning are 1:16,667

$10,000 Rings - There will be 8 Grand Prize Winners over the next year! Odds of winning are 1:12,500


 Question: Why does ST have the best customer service? 🤔

Answer: Because we love having happy customers 😘 Our bath bombs are hand made in house with high quality ingredients. Since these are hand made, we can't guarantee every bath bomb to be perfect. If you ever do have an issue, contact us on Facebook Messenger & our the ST fam will make it right with a replacement ❤️

Question: How can ST rings be this beautiful inside a bath bomb? 💎

Answer: Because we partner with professional jewelers 🙌 Don't be fooled by the pod, these aren't gum ball rings, it's just the best way to protect your new gorgeous 💍. 

Question: For real though, this doesn't make sense. I normally pay more for a ring than I pay for your bath bomb. What's the catch? 👀

Answer: The jewelry industry has huge markups. They can only hold so many styles, have to pay overhead, salespeople, and don't sell as many rings as us. We can have a ton of styles since we randomize the ones we put in our bath bombs, move thousands of rings every week, and we aren't greedy with our margins 😉

Question: Usually I can only wear fine jewelry or my fingers turn green, why don't ST rings turn my finger green?

Answer: We only partner with jewelers that don't use any nickel in their rings. In fact, our partners only use brass or sterling silver & they triple dip them in 14K gold. All skin types are different and can have issues with any alloy, but after a year of testing, we've found these to be the least. If you ever do have an issue with a ring, just remember, we have the best customer service ever 😇 Just let us know so we can send you a new one to try with your skin type and we'll find out together which rings you can and can't wear 👍