Q: Will ST Bath Bombs stain my tub?

A: We source food grade safe colorants from French Color a local company that specialize in colors. The colors they produce are in a glycerine base which is great for your skin & designed to keep colors off your bath tub.

A: Our mica drips on certain bath bombs can appear to leave a residue after draining your bath tub, but these will easily come off & drain with a quick rinse & rub with your hands. These are skin safe & safe for the environment.

Q: Are ST glitters safe?

A: We source biodegradable glitter from Meadowbrook, a local company that has specialized in eco friendly glitter that uses cellulose rather than glasses, plastics, and aluminums. This makes them safe for you and the environment.

Q: Are ST Bath Bombs safe for kids?

A: Our ingredients we use are of premium grade & formulated to be great for gentle skin types. While we believe our bath bombs to have safer ingredients than most bath & soap products on the market, we haven't done specific studies to make claims, so you should always use your best judgement. You can find all of our ingredients listed for a bath bomb on their bath bomb product page.

Q: Why doesn't ST use cornstarch like everyone else?

A: Cornstarch is a cheap filler & we wanted to make our bath bombs better. Cornstarch is 7 - 15% of your bath bomb depending on who you buy from. We found a way to take this out so you get more oils in your bath bomb.

Q: Why do ST scents smell so good?

A: Because we partner with luxury fragrance houses that spend months making fragrance oils just for ST. We don't buy cheap already made fragrances that might cause headaches in your bath.

Q: What happens if my bath bomb is soft or crumbly?

A: All our bath bombs are handmade here in Los Angeles. During the drying process, it's possible for water moisture from the air to get into the bath bomb which will react with other oils to make the bath bomb soft. We continue to improve our process to eliminate this possibility, but if you ever do get a bath bomb with an issue, we'll gladly replace it for you, just message us on Facebook Messenger.

Q: What happens if my bath bomb sinks?

A: Floating mainly comes down to the density of the bath bomb. We use a lot of oils and no cornstarch which makes our bath bombs heavier. We've formulated to make them float, but if you do get a bath bomb that sinks it's due to the wait. The bath will still feel great, but if you contact us on Facebook Messenger we'll gladly send you a replacement.