Q: Are ST rings real or fake?

A: Not only are ST rings real, they're made by real jewelers too 😍 

Q: What materials are used to make ST rings?

A: Our jeweler partners use brass as the base metal, triple dip them in 14K gold, and gorgeous crystals for the stones. Certain collections also have a 925 Sterling Silver Upgrade option as well. We've written a detailed article about our rings HERE

Q: How does Sterling Silver Upgrade work on collections with non silver colored bands?

A: The upgrade refers to the base metal. The band colors in the collection will be the same for both brass & sterling silver, triple dipped in the 14K gold color shown. In the fine jewelry industry, this is known as vermeil jewelry

Q: If my sterling silver ring isn't silver in color, is it fake?

A: In the jewelry industry, 925 Sterling Silver means that 92.5% of the of the jewelry is silver, the rest is comprised of other alloys to strengthen the metal & for color. Most Sterling silver jewelry is actually plated in white gold or rhodium. Natural silver isn't as shiny or polished looking, and has more of a rustic look, so it's rare for silver to be the outside metal. Whether the color of the band is silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or black gold, the Sterling Silver rings are indeed 925 Sterling Silver by industry standards 🙂

Q: Won't plating turn my finger green?

A: Nickel & cheap plating are the main culprits for green fingers. We don't use nickel & our jewelers use advanced plating techniques with 14K gold. Unless your ring is pure gold, your ring likely has a plating coat, even from high end jewelers like Tiffany's. Plating is measured in microns, and we use 5 microns of 14K gold which is double the industry standard for fine vermeil jewelry. More Info on plating

Q: How does ST make black rings?

A: The same way white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are made 😉14K gold means that 58.3% of the referred metal (in our case the plating) is gold. The rest is comprised of other alloys to strengthen the gold & for color. Cobalt is a key alloy for black & here's a great article on various gold colors HERE

Q: What if I have issues with ST rings?

A: Let us know! 😬 All skin oil types are different, some people even have gold allergies. Our rings work for 99% of people as we've worked hard for affordable top tier quality which you can read more about HERE. Our customer service team is awesome, if your skin has an issue, or our ring is damaged, or you got the wrong size, message us on FB messenger & we'll be sure to help you out 😇