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Official Going Out of Business Ring Blow Out Sale

From our founder:

To our Scented Treasures family, we want to start out with an apology. We are sorry for disappearing without any updates, especially after all the love & support you showed us. We were in a dark & confusing place and didn’t know how to handle the situation. We hesitated on providing an update initially as we were seeing what our options were to keep our business going. We had a hard time facing reality & with covid19 making things worse, we delayed even longer in giving a proper explanation. For all of this, we are truly sorry, and here is our long overdue, final update.

The high costs of providing higher quality options in the ring bath bombs & candles caught up to us. We wanted to keep our prices affordable & our amazing deals for all you gems, but the cost of operating at a larger scale ultimately put us in a hole of debt that we couldn’t come out of. It’s very difficult for me personally as this business was my family and I feel I’ve let so many people down, but I’m finally ready to turn the page to a new chapter in my life.

This is our final going out of business (officially) blowout sale and to thank you all. We have over 50+ ring styles which you can view most of the options below. We will be selling bundles of 10 rings for $25 as a special thank you to you all. The bundles are all randomized with 10 different styles (no duplicates per bundle) to give everyone the same chance of getting some of the most popular rings. There is no limit on how many bundles you can buy. This is only available while supplies last and we don’t expect supply to last long at these prices. Thank you all for being a part of this life journey for me, I will always remember the love and support you all showed 

ST Family

Official Going Out of Business Ring Blow Out Sale

Surprise 10 Ring Bundle

Surprise 10 Ring Bundle


Get 10 surprise rings out of 50+ styles! Swipe to see more

No duplicates will be in a single bundle
Can't guarantee 0 duplicates between multiple bundles bought
Choose your size for the entire bundle (can't have different sizes in 1 bundle)

Box shown in picture is not included. There are more ring styles available than are shown.

This is our final going out of business sale, once we're sold out we will not be restocking. No exchanges or returns.

Going out of business sale

10 Pack Microfiber Jewelry Bags

Scented Treasures USA

10 Pack Microfiber Jewelry Bags

10 pack of our microfiber jewelry bags perfect for storing & cleaning your jewelry. Once we are sold out we will not be restocking. Available in pink & white!