5 Reasons I'm into Scented Treasures Bath Bombs

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1. Quality AF

I wish my video could truly show how soft my hands are from just dipping them in the water! I've used a ton of bath bombs and have never found another I like as much as Lush until this one. The bath bomb has a long life and lasted about 7 minutes of continuous fizzing and I was in a complete zen state after my bath. My skin felt sooooo good!

Scented Treasures Bath Bomb

2. Stylish Rings

While I've always loved Lush, sometimes it’s fun to find a surprise element inside! I've tried Fragrant Jewels, Charmed Aroma, Jewelscent and more. The rings I've found in Scented Treasures have all been super cute and high quality! They keep them chic, trendy and totally wearable for both day and night outfits.

As for winning a higher valued ring with your code, I have gotten a $100 ring from Scented Treasures! From their Instagram, I also see a lot of other girls winning $1,000 and $5,000 rings. I’m not sure if the other companies just have fewer odds of you winning, but I have never won anything from FJ, CA or JS.

3. Gorgeous Packaging

This might seem like an extra need for your bath bombs, but trust me when I say, nobody else does this! The packaging of the bath bombs (not to mention how cute the candles themselves are) make these the perfect gift for friends, family, sororities, bridesmaids, or just yourself!

Queen Bee Bath Bomb

4. They Don't Use SLS

Scented Treasures is the first company I've found that doesn't use the simplest form of SLS, often listed as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS can be found in a lot of hair products and just about every bath bomb. SLS can penetrate your epidermis, causing skin irritation. It's not an absolute deal breaker, but it isn't the best ingredient especially if you have any skin sensitivities. They've instead chosen to use a more premium ingredient to replace it, Sodium Coco Sulfate. I found this great article that explains why SCS is a much better alternative to SLS.

Scented Treasures Bath Bombs

5. Positive Messaging & Great Customer Service

I love love love that they put inspirational quotes along with the rings. It's like the new fortune cookie and totally helps put you in a happy and inspired mindset. Annnnd while I haven't personally dealt with their customer service, I read a lot of reviews that stated how helpful they were and they actually respond to any issues/questions on Facebook Messenger, how cool is that!???

Scented Treasures Rings

The Best Company Doing Bath Bombs with Rings?

I'll let you decide that for yourself. All I can say is, I'd highly advise giving them a try and they are my new go to bath bomb whenever I want to splurge for an extra ring treat. I honestly would put them in the same league as Lush when purely comparing the bath bomb itself, it was that good for me. Here is a link to their Glamour & Sparkle collection :)


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Scented Treasures bath bombs are a sensory delight! Elevate your bath experience with luxurious scents Ring candles and hidden surprises. 🛁✨

David Campbell April 07, 2024

Candles with rings inside have become a popular trend in recent years. Not only do they make a great gift, they are also a fun and unique way to surprise someone with a special piece of jewelry.

David Campbell December 15, 2022

Once you’ve chosen a best ring candles company that meets your standards, take some time to personalize your purchase by selecting the perfect ring design and scent combo.

Unrivaled Candles August 20, 2022

A soy candle with a Best ring candles. Each Scent Candle comes with a hidden jewel. Ring candles with beautiful surprises.

David Campbell March 10, 2022

I haven’t tried any of these things yet.This will be my first time orderin from here.Read all the comments and can’t wait to try the bath bombs.

Shonda Woliver August 27, 2018

I just made my first purchase, but was unaware I qualified for a bonus ring, which is unfortunate, but I’m looking very forward to see and feel the difference from other brands I’ve bought previously. I very much hope to become a long time customer. I can’t wait to see your new Fall Collection in a few months. Maybe your company can use an enthusiastic tester like me in the future😊

Kenya Jo July 17, 2018

Do you ever have a small sample. I am looking for gifts for Christmas, even this early I start my shopping for my grand children.
I am impressed with your reviews. Thank you

Linda Soresen May 20, 2018

I did my research. Tried Scented Treasures. Love love em. Even gave some as gifts. No haven’t won $1000 ring, but did receive a few freebies. They are all lovely, have gotten plenty of compliments on them and everyone waits to see what new ring I have gotten. Few even ordered. It’s the best thank you…oh also have every scent they have even the new bubble bombs. :)

Tina OBlanc May 11, 2018

I did my research. Tried Scented Treasures. Love love em. Even gave some as gifts. No haven’t won $1000 ring, but did receive a few freebies. They are all lovely, have gotten plenty of compliments on them and everyone waits to see what new ring I have gotten. Few even ordered. It’s the best thank you…oh also have every scent they have even the new bubble bombs. :)

Tina OBlanc May 11, 2018

Tried fragrant jewels, now gonna try you..let you know!

teri May 05, 2018

I love em thats all lol there amazing

Tara martin May 03, 2018

I think this has convinced me to give it a shot. My older daughter is coming home from college soon, I think this would be a good welcome home gift too.

Jessica Kennedy April 27, 2018

Im looking for a good but reasonably priced bath bomb. Thank you

Betty Bess April 26, 2018

I would love to become a Tester for your Company. I’m hooked on Lush as a Consumer. I was excited to Test some Lush Products.

Cynthia Boyd April 21, 2018

Would love to become a product representative and do reviews for you. I’m looking forward to getting my order I hope that I will be delighted and not disappointed. Got one highly anticipated order from another company and it was a dud. Very disappointed with the product.

Nancy Hennessy April 17, 2018

I was wondering if I’d be able to become a product tester/reviewer for your company?? Thanks!

Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan April 15, 2018


Kristy March 31, 2018

I’m sorry to say this since I had so many good things to say about my candle, I ordered a winter wonderland candle and bath bomb as well as another bath bomb which I still haven’t used, anyway, my beautiful ring came with a side bezel stone missing. I received the light blue ascher cut with a sideways emerald cut bezel on each side and its missing one of the stones, I actually hoped for this ring too….😢

Cynthia Spering March 23, 2018
Yes would you please send one of your catalog thank you 82crestwood ln Crawfordsville fl 32327 yes I will be looking for my catalog very soon
Sharlene S Mckenzie March 19, 2018

Careful what companies “say”. They are still using a type of SLS, SLSA, lytheol, whatever – they just have renamed it as something else. But in general there is nothing really wrong with SLSA. It’s in nearly everything you use. So unless you’re having reactions to your average hand soap or body wash SLSA is perfectly safe!

Brittany Hippenmeyer March 14, 2018

I love surprises in both bath bomb and candles. Though lately I’ve been having issues with Fragrant Jewels and their bath bombs. So I’m making the switch from Fragrant Jewels To Scented Treasures. I’ve received a candle from scented treasures from a friend and I’m hooked.

Patrisha March 07, 2018

I like it

Daphne March 01, 2018

These are Soo cute and cool you should give them away for free

Alexa February 25, 2018

I own a company and I would like to buy wholesale do you guys do that?

Lindsay Ziegler February 25, 2018

I’d like to get a sample of this ball,or a coupon for the first one thank you

Madeline kukahiko February 14, 2018

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