Bath Bombs with Rings Inside Review

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Why ST is my new Fave Bath Bomb

Let me list other companies I've tried: Fragrant Jewels, Charmed Aroma, Jewelscent, Bubbly Belle, and Lush

Every company has a ring inside their bath bomb except Lush, so I'll compare them later in the article.

Scented Treasures has stolen my heart (and wallet 😅) because they mastered everything I look for: ring quality, ring style, bath bomb quality, scent, and shipping 😌

Ring Quality & Style

I'm not here to rag on any other companies, but if you've been into the ring bath bomb scene as long as me you've all had a green finger 🤢I'm happy to report this won't happen from ST 😏

Next are the crystals. The cuts are incredible! You can tell they have real jewelers cutting these crystal as their is so much dimension and shine to them. And they do partner with real jewelers, you can read this Article.

Lastly, the style. Like...why did it take so long for someone to make stylish rings. These aren't oversized, they are gaudy, they aren't my great grandmother's ring. Every ring I've gotten is fashion forward that I wear out with my outfits everyday!

Bath Bomb Quality

Ok, so here's where Lush comes back into the picture. I know all my die hard Lushies out there refuse to give another bomb a chance (I used to be the same way).

But it's time to live a little 😜 Trust you'll be shocked. ST focuses on moisturizing oils for your skin with a 5 oil blend of grape seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. Lush has amazing essential oils curated for every bath bomb...and while that's great, you'll be shocked at what skin focused oils will make you feel like. I know I was, and I got a gorgeous 💍as a bonus.

I don't bother to talk about the other competitors because...they just aren't in the same league as Lush or Scented Treasures when it comes to the bath bomb quality.

Luxurious Scents

And I mean LUXURIOUS. Have you heard of Jo Malone or Voluspa? I swear they stole their fragrance designers because they smell so expensive.

Complex scents that smell strong & subtle at the same time. It doesn't give me a headache & it relaxes me while providing much needed stress relief.

Oh, and it stays on me after the bath, but in a good way. Not in a gross, I smell like I bathed in a vanilla cup cake, but OMG I smell like a goddess 😍


Finally I don't have to wait 30 days for my bombs like I used to from Fragrant Jewels (sorry FJ 😂).

They ship fast, and I've had one issue where my postal man destroyed my package, but their custy service team has an easy chat button on site and took care of me right away with a reshipment, even though it wasn't their fault 🙏

Lots of Options to Try

Ever After is my current favorite. It features a .925 Sterling Silver ring collection, but for a slightly cheaper option, I did a video reaction to their Like, Really Pretty bath bomb that feature brass ring 3x dipped in 14K gold & rose quartz inspired crystals.

End Article.

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are you out of business

Linda Deveso June 05, 2022

are you out of business

Linda Deveso June 05, 2022

The website to reveal the coded numbers is awful. I can never get it to work.

Nancy Kurowski June 22, 2019

I have been talking with you about not having made this double order, you checked back and said I had no order since last year, nothing on file, nothing would come, well a box came today. what do I do as you said I had no outstanding orders. Mark it refused and send it back, I will not pay for something I did not order. I have been scammed before. I have an ID# with FTC.
Don’t get me wrong I like your product, just not your business dealings.

Mary Gabbard May 17, 2019

Bubbly bellle

Sallie Ragin May 15, 2019

I love the bath bombs they make my skin soft and they smell good the rings are cheap but still very pretty

Tammy Bower April 30, 2019


Paulette Moore April 11, 2019

Very disappointed in these bath bombs assumed I would be getting quality ring like I seen on the video and instead received 80.00 worth of bubble gum machine rings that I gave to my daughter for her dress up play stuff then received another 40.00 worth of the same crap…canceled my subscription so so so disappointed

Heather Malloy April 10, 2019

The fact that all the moisturizers are mentioned in the bombs draws me in!

Joyce April 09, 2019

Wow straight up

Goddess Royce April 08, 2019

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