The Truth Behind Our High Quality Rings

High quality and affordable rings...inside a bath bomb 🤔

We get it. Those phrases don't sound like they should go together. And you probably have a lot of questions 😂 That's why we're here to provide you with more details about our rings, and how we're able to get those 3 phrases to work together 😘 

Our 3 C's: Cut, Craftsmanship & Curation

It all starts with our real jeweler partnerships, which brings craftsmanship to our rings that few others have. We don't use diamonds, but our jewelers cut our crystals with the same techniques they use on diamond rings. Then it all comes together with us collaborating together to curate unique collections you've likely never seen before 😉

How Do We Keep Rings Affordable?

3 key things allow us to do this: provide 100s of styles, don't use diamonds, and don't be greedy 🤑

Jewelers Markup Costs 10x - 1000x

Let's start with that last point. The jewelry industry uses outrageous markups, anywhere from 10x to 1000x. Luckily for you, we get the rings at bulk prices instead of what you would have to pay as a consumer for 1 ring. We bake the costs of the rings in our bath bombs, not the retail price of the ring ✌️

Jewelry Designs Are Expensive

On top of that, there is a high cost of designing the initial CAD for jewelers, which is what they need to produce the ring. This usually limits the number of styles a jeweler can make, but that's the beauty of our partnership 🙏 Since we put collections in our bath bombs & candles, we move 1000s of each style, so they get to test new designs & we get even better deals when we buy in bulk for our customers 🙌

Diamonds Aren't The Only Beautiful Stones

Lastly, let's talk diamonds...we don't use them! Don't worry though, we avoid it because the diamond industry is an expensive one. We want our prices to be affordable so you can collect a ton of beautiful rings to match any outfit 💁🏼 You'll be shocked at how beautiful our rings are though, and if you want to know all about the details of our rings, check them out here 👈


Don't yell at us 😜 We have a passion for bath bombs, and spent years creating a high-quality bath bomb that could pack a ton of skin nourishing ingredients without it falling us it's harder than you think 😳 You can read about that here if you'd like.

We Tried Someone Else's Ring Bath Bomb.... but 😩

We heard about this fun idea, but every other company we tried we felt let down. We're not here to rag on anyone, but the bath bombs were more for color than the skin, and the rings had such outdated styles 🙄 Nobody seemed to put their heart into it, so we did!

And We've Learned a Lot so Far...

Our 1st year, our rings were good, but not great. Customers stuck with us because of our amazing bath bombs & customer service, but some rings still had issues. So we left our supplier, learned all about the ring industry, made awesome new partnerships with real jewelers, and now we're writing this article 🙂 Our customers have loved our new collections so far, and we'd love for you to try us out! If you want all the details of our rings, we have an in-depth article HERE

Or you can always message us any questions you may have on Facebook Messenger 😇

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