Why We Won’t Turn Your Fingers Green: How Our Jewelry is Made

We partner with real jewelers who use the same craftsmanship they do on fine jewelry to create our beautiful, affordable rings. Our jewelers use crystals, brass or sterling silver metal base, and triple dip every ring in 14K gold with professional plating techniques that won't turn your fingers green 😘 If you've had an issue in the past, we did have ring quality issues our 1st year. This article reflects our new ring quality that fully launched in all our products recently. We learned a lot from early mistakes which is why we ventured out to create these new jeweler partnerships.

While that last sentence covers everything, if you'd like to know more, we'll go much more in depth below 👇

How We Make Our Rings

The Crystals 💎

No diamonds, no gemstones, no problem 😜 Our crystals are gorgeous & cut by professional jewelers, just like Swarovski Crystals. In fact, Swarovski isn't a special type of crystal, it's just the brand name of the crystals they make, and slap a high price tag on 🤑 It's all about how the crystals are cut, which is why we have crystals cut by real jewelers without the brand name price tag.

Brass & Sterling Silver 💍 No Nickel Ever!

Nickel is the cheapest metal, and usually, companies try to sneak it in to cut costs. We first tested copper but found brass to be the best metal for most skin types.

While our brass rings are beautiful & won't tarnish, for customers that prefer Sterling Silver we're expanding lines that are made of 92% silver. (Keep reading to find out more about this!) These cost a little more since the metal is more expensive to produce.

Plating Isn't Scary... But Bad Plating Is

Which is why we knew we needed real jewelers. Plating is measured in microns & can vary with the quality of the gold used. More Info on plating

Our jeweler partners use a technique of 3x dipping our bands in 14K gold. This plating gives us 5 microns of thickness. To give a comparison, vermeil jewelry is high-quality sterling silver jewelry plated in gold, and the minimum qualifications to be considered vermeil is 2.5 microns of 10K gold. Furthermore, common plated jewelry only has <1 micron of gold.

We use this high-end plating on both our brass & sterling silver rings 🙌

What is Black Gold?

We've found black to be a very popular band color. Black gold works the same as white gold (silver color), yellow gold, and rose gold. Black gold is slightly more delicate, so just be sure to practice great ring care 😘

14K gold in jewelry means that 58.3% of the metal described is gold. 24K gold (100% gold) is usually too soft for jewelry, which is why alloys are used to strengthen the gold.

The alloys can be a blend of different metals. These alloys will vary in its blend of metals to get the desired color for the jewelry ❤️

How We Style Our Jewelry

Style is just as important as the quality, which is another reason we don't use a supplier but instead nurture relationships with fashion-forward jewelers.

Thinner Bands Are Actually Higher Quality 😱

The 1st style difference our jewelers bring to the table are thinner bands. Many don't do thinner bands because it requires higher quality metals to make durable thin bands & you can't get away with bad plating. Since we have real jewelers though, this isn't a problem for us 😉

The thin band style makes the rings sleeker & less gaudy looking. Since you aren't trying to show off a $10K+ diamond, you actually don't want the ring to be huge, and the style works for accessorizing so much more 💁🏼

Crystals: Sometimes Less is More 😳

Bigger stones only equate to more value with Diamonds. These are fashion pieces, not "look how expensive my diamond is" rings.

When it comes to crystals, smaller actually costs more since there are very fine details the jewelers need to cut to make it look beautiful 😍

Trust us, when you see one of our rings, you'll fall in love with the details, and that doesn't mean we never have bigger crystal rings. We just only use them when it makes sense for the style!

How Our Collections Work

We curate special collections & classic collections for our bath bombs & candles. Our classics share a 40+ ring collection that we continuously update, and our special collections usually have a style theme of 10+ 💍.

How Does the Sterling Silver Upgrade Work?

If you upgrade to sterling silver, this will refer to the base metal, not the color of the ring. So if there are yellow gold, rose gold, or black gold rings in the collection, they will be plated in that color 14K gold, making them vermeil rings 🙂

A common misconception is that Sterling Silver rings aren't plated. Even if they are silver in color, they usually are plated in white gold or rhodium, as the natural color of silver is usually more rustic in jewelry and not as polished.

925 Silver means 92.5% silver. So Sterling Silver & 925 Silver actually has 92.5% silver, and the rest is made up of other alloys, it doesn't matter which color the ring is 👍

All This Sounds Too Good to be True? 🤔

We have a whole article about the high markups of the ring industry, and how we're able to keep ring costs affordable to offer in our bath bombs HERE

Or, you can always ask our team any questions you'd like on Facebook Messenger 😘


I Purchased a Hocus Pocus BB bomb, it was amazing. We have REALLY hard water and it bubbled right up, and stayed for my whole 45min bath. Amazing smell too, and softened the skin really well.

Renee Genora May 13, 2019

Hi! I’ve been dealing with Bubbly Belle, for almost a year. I don’t really wear the rings, I collect them in a velvet ring box. But soon, I will be able to up-grade to .925 because, I’d like to have a couple rings that I KNOW I can wear! Stay Tuned………..I’m coming!

Lin Burnett-smith May 13, 2019

I absolutely love your company. I love your products, you’re customer service is the best customer service in it business. I’m a huge fan of your jewelry. I have rings to match every outfit that I put together. I would love to see a few more band style rings with or without stones. I like to wear the wide banded rings as thumb 👍rings. I would bands with stones on my middle fingers as well. I’m one of those people that the more rings I can put on my hand the better. LOL thank you very much for always treating me is your best client. ~KKJ

Kim Kambron -Jones May 13, 2019

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