Which Bath Bomb Fits Your Personality?

Let’s face it: things tailored to our unique personalities are so much more enjoyable than random selections. You know what suits you best, so shouldn’t your bath bomb suit you, too? We think so, which is why we’re revealing the best bath bombs for different personality types!

For The Romantic

If you like overflowing bouquets, slow dancing under the stars, and long walks on the beach, then our Midnight In Paris bath bomb is perfect for you. You go through life with a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook. People may say you view the world through rose colored glasses to which you reply, "Yes, they look good on me!" With deep, velvety purple waters and just a hint of gold mica glimmer, Midnight in Paris is just as entrancing as it is elegant. Light notes of tea rose, succulent notes of blackberry, and just hint of a earthy oakmoss make the scent of this bath bomb flirtatious yet complex. To capture the charm of old school romancing, the rings that come in this bath bomb are vintage-inspired in their style, so you can take a little bit of that passion with you wherever you go. As someone who appreciates the joy of picturesque, heartfelt moments, this bath bomb is sure to appeal to your loving nature. Your mysterious yet attractive qualities have people describing you with a sense of je ne sais quoi.

For The Sassy

Hold on, I’m trying to close this business deal, come back to my office for your bath bomb type after my call. Just kidding--but if this sounds like you, a strong boss who knows what she wants and knows she’s in charge, then our #Sorry Not Sorry bath bomb is for you. When people call you sassy it’s a compliment, you know it just means that you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You don’t stand for nonsense and you get. stuff. done. The vibrant hot pink and black swirls of #Sorry Not Sorry dissolve to a deep magenta, a color as bold as your personality. With distinct scents notes like mimosa and cardamom, and unapologetic black-banded rings, this bomb is as powerful are you are. You rise to challenges and any problem that presents itself is just an opportunity to show you can conquer it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you got this, you already know. Hold on, I need to take this other call.

For The Free Spirit

“Not all those who wander are lost,” and now you don’t have to be lost anymore when selecting a bath bomb: Queen Bee is for you. This honey-inspired bomb appeals to the gentle souls that revel in the beauty of nature. You aren’t intimidated by the expanse of the world, you thrive in it and love to peacefully explore new places (perhaps with some flowers tangled in your hair). The warm scents of honey, chamomile, and black amber are deeply relaxing and just as rejuvenating to the soul as they are to the body. The rings inside these bath bomb perfectly match your aesthetic with an unconventional, festival style that boasts honey-colored bands as delicate yet awe-inspiring as you are. So, if you’re looking to unwind after a long day of wanderlust, pop a Queen Bee bath bomb into your tub for a soothing soak and a dream of all the adventures you’ll have tomorrow.

For The Dreamer

If you’re the type who still crosses her fingers and wishes upon a star, then Ever After is the bath bomb for you. Inspired by the magic of fairy tales, the shimmering pixie dust exterior of this bomb is just the opening act for the bright pink and blue embeds that swirl together in the water to result in twinkling lavender waters. You’re a true princess at heart and this bath bomb will match the majesty you radiate. With sweet notes of juicy prickly pear and white rose petals, the aroma of this bath bomb is as elegant and enticing as our fairy godmother could make it. The very best part about this bath bomb is that the rings within it are genuine sterling silver to adorn the fairest in the land with ring fit for royalty. Your spirit is true and your heart is pure, making this lighthearted and magical bath bomb your perfect match. Just don't start singing in the bathtub, or adorable woodland creatures may come to your door.

For The Diva

Always ready for your close up? If you adore the allure of old school Hollywood mystique, then The Glamour Bath Bomb is the perfect fit for you. You're the type who knows diamonds are a girl's best friend and a sleek, black dress is always timeless. You don't know a single subtle way to walk into a room for each of your entrances have people gawking over your outfit and charm. You have to heavily resist putting on a classic red lip for even a quick trip to the grocery store. The bubbly scents of rose champagne and raspberry prosecco will pamper you with the luxury that you deserve and the cocktail inspired rings will always give you something to wear to those high class parties. You see the value in outfits that make you feel confident and therefore your beauty appears effortless. Glamour Bomb + You = mach made in heaven. And...Action!

Let us know what bath bomb fits your personality 😘 Whether it's one from this list or a different bath bomb, we'd love to hear from you below 👇

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