Halloween Ring Bath Bomb Bad Witch Kit

3 bath bombs, 3 stackable rings, and a jewelry box 😱

Who doesn't love Halloween!? Here at ST, it's our absolute favorite holiday, so we put a lot of work into our Halloween products. The Bad Witch Kit is the ultimate kickoff with 3 amazing bath bombs that have 3 gorgeous rings that work as stackable styles or by themselves 😍

    Bath Bombs with Rings

    High quality coffin box transforms into a jewelry box ⚰️

    This is not just a bada$$ box for your bath bombs. After you take your bath bombs out, it transform into a jewelry box to keep all the rings you have. This box is not only awesome looking with the artwork our team created in house, it's also extremely durable 😘

    More Halloween products & more rings to collect πŸ‘»

    Use this coffin jewelry box to start collecting all our exclusive Halloween rings! Embrace your inner villain with our Villainous collection that has dark band rings w/mystic topaz. Get bloody with our Victorian Vampire collection launching this week.Β And don't forget, our most popular scent from last year will be back soon, Hocus Pocus with black galaxy stones. All 3 collections mentioned will all have a bath bomb, bubble bomb, and candle to choose from πŸ™Œ

    Why Choose ST? πŸ€”

    1. Customers love the quality of our bath bombs with more premium oils than our competitors
    2. We partner with luxury fragrance houses that curate complex scents just for ST
    3. New partnerships with professional jewelers set our new collections apart from everyone else: better styles, better stone cuts, no green fingers

    We continue to learn, grow, and improve as a company. We did what every other jewelry bath bomb/candle company does, find a ring supplier. We learned this was a mistake as ring styles and quality aren't up to par from a supplier. We spent this whole year learning more about jewelry, building partnerships with real jewelers rather than buying from suppliers and all our new rings are now even better than what we had before and what anyone else has. While the rings use affordable materials, they are being plated, polished, and cut by professional jewelers with the same techniques & skills they use on their diamond jewelry. We now only partner with jewelers that use either Brass or Sterling Silver & use a special plating technique of triple dipping the base metal in 14K gold (whether it's white, rose, yellow or black gold). And if you ever do have a problem, our customer service team on Facebook Messenger are all rockstars ready to help resolve any issues πŸ™‚



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